How we started

Our story counts back 3 years ago, when there was the time to start our own business. We had finally found our unique business idea that we wanted to turn into reality and we were feeling extremely motivated to make it happen. Though, the first problems that we faced were financing and the necessary network to make it well-known or attract potential people who would be interested, or even investors. Under these big problems which were actually the main obstacles that we had to overcome to make it happen, we came up with the idea of PITCHSTOR.

In the beginning we just thought that we had to bring to life a tool that will enable people to generate the money that they need (and feel the freedom of finally solving a main problem of financing)  and at the same time bring all this essential networking that makes products, services and people successful.

Then, we thought how could we make it powerful and really worthy? And the answer came by bringing this to the pocket of everyday people, i.e. making it digital. The internet is the only way that connects people worldwide and gives the power to every single person with the click of a button. So, up to then, PITCHSTOR came true hoping to help people succeed in the entrepreneurial world and achieve everything they have imagined.


What we are actually doing

PITCHSTOR offers to its users a digital way of raising money using the power of crowdfunding and sharing economy, which means that people who need money for their business, create campaigns, describe a unique story that will be backed by hundrends or even thousands of people who share the same vision and build networks around the world. The whole process is dynamic, as people help each other to achieve their goals and produce viral results under the power of worldwide web. 

Except financing, we offer a whole new social media network dedicated only for the business world, i.e. entrepreneurs, startups, investors and all the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We all know the amazing influence that social media networks bring to our lives and being entrepreneurs on our own, we dream of giving the ability to each and single person to network globally. 




re-engineering crowdfunding


Pitchstor is a digital funding mechanism or in other words an online bank for financing, operating in the disruptive era of FinTech. The platform re-enginered the concept of raising funds online, by integrating all the types of online financing in one place under the power of crowdfunding and sharing economy bundled with the viral influence of social media networks and online communities.

The platform was built by entrepreneurs and  people of the business world, following our inner vision to solve the real problems that entrepreneurs face globally: from financing and creating awareness in a global level till approaching investors with a click of a button.

We are firmly believers that the only obstacles are the ones that we set to ourselves and we created Pitchstor in order to provide to people the freedom to make their dreams a reality.