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Let people know what your campaign is all about. 



     Who you are

     Introduce yourself.






      What's your idea

      Describe your concept and why is it valuable.







             What's your purpose

             Describe the benefits for the market and customers.






What's the money for

How the money raised will contribute to achieving your goals.



They need to understand who you really are, what your idea is and your purpose. Use the tools provided on Pitchstor that will help you promote your campaign.


  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Your pitch


Add your video

Your video is the first thing that people will see when they visit your profile. The first  impression is the most important one. If the visitors of your campaign will get excited about what you are doing or offering, they will probably back your campaign!




It doesn't need to be something very special in order to engage your backers and excite them. Be yourself and explain what you are doing and why people should support you!

‚ÄčNote: People on the internet do not spend their time reading or watching big videos.

Upload a video that the maximum length is two minutes.



Title and Description

Your title and a short description help people understand better your project and what is all about. 


Choose a title that best describes your project and help backers clearly understand what you are doing.


Your description will appear at the top of your campaign, right after your image. It is a short introduction or a short pitch of your concept. Try to be into the point and explain simply your product or service!