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Crowdfunding is a new fundraising model that uses the power of sharing economy. In other words, you can raise funds online for your campaign or project from the people around you and make everything that you have imagined a reality. 


Crowdfunding enables people who need money, to raise funds online, for their projects in return for “rewards”. Backers (people who support your project or campaign) offer pledges of money and campaign owners can “thank” for their contribution by giving back rewards.


what is crowdfunding

1. Create your Campaign on Pitchstor

First, you simply create your campaign by following the steps provided on the platform. You only have to explain your idea in a way that your backers will understand your concept and find it exciting to pledge on it! Then, build your team that will make your campaign a success.




2. Share

Invite your friends from social media networks and share your campaign online as much as you can, in order to make your campaign viral and let people learn about it. Ask your friends to do the same!




3. Pledges- Rewards

In the meantime, people who find your project or campaign interesting will pledge money in return for a reward (benefits, service or the product itself).



Benefits of Crowdfunding

  • Test the Market. Crowdfunding validates your idea and gives you a powerful proof of concept. 
  • Fundraising. You can unlock further funding from Venture Capitals, Angel Investors or Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns.
  • Marketing Tool. As your campaign becomes viral on social media pages you can effortlessly get referral traffic to your website! Thousands of organic visits from unique users and potential funders.
  • Minimize Risk. Starting up a business is a very risky and challenging journey. Launching a Crowdfunding campaign hedges the risk and serves a valuable learning experience.