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Connect with the Crowd

Think about people on your social media profiles and start communicating  by inviting them to your Pitchstor Campaign. Start with your friends, family and coworkers, share your campaign and ask for their comments. You can even ask them to be the first who back your campaign, so you can have a starting point before the crowd discover it! Interaction with your potential backers is vital to your campaign. 


Build your Campaign Team

Build your team that will help you boost your Campaign further. Send them an online invitation and let the teamwork skyrocket the project! The right team behind a great crowdfunding campaign is made up of 2-4 people who are unique in their role.


The right networking 

Sit down with your team and make a list with different networks that you want to communicate your campaign. 


Possible Backers:












Social Networks


Local Businesses




Personal Contacts




In each category, there are many sub- categories! Think about it, one network can lead you to many others. Your team's network is very big and start by targeting this networking.