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Agema is well known for the successful cosmetic products and our crowdfunding campaign aims at building a spiritual ecosystem at the historical valley of Dodoni

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Our Story

AGEMA / Ancient Beauty Secrets, was founded at Liggos, Ioannina, in the region of Dodoni valley, surrounded by an intensely mystical nature with indigenous plants, traditionally considered to be gifts from the Gods.

Totally impressed by the vital energy expressed in every form in the vicinity we started creating a next generation of innovative and at the same time pure cosmetics trying to cultivate in a bottle the energy, nature and unique characteristics of the area. 

AGEMA was created to convey these natural – clear – energy gifts, with respect to and in union with nature and its laws.

Our unique method of preparing and activating cosmetics, is executed with a very specific set of recipes that uses ONLY natural energy resources from the area, the indigenous flora and fauna, plants in their wild form, rocks and minerals as well as other inorganic and organic material, all in specialized facilities within the Dodoni area.

The outer layer of our packaging is an innovative- patented  dried and solidified specialized mud, so that the products’ energy is naturally protected. Afterwards, all the necessary decals and information are placed, in accordance with law, for the complete protection and advisement of consumers.

Up to now, our products are well known both in Greece and abroad. We hold certification of uniqueness and people around the world have entered our world. The Vogue Magazine of French dedicated an article on Agema's products under the title: "Beauty the miracles of nature"!

Our Next Goal- The Oracle of Nature

After our successful and innovative cosmetic products that are famous both in Greece and globally our crowdfunding campaign aims at building a spiritual ecosystem at the historical valley of Dodoni combining spiritual wellbeing and beauty. Our goal is to give wings to a thematic tourism attraction, a natural oracle, that will reveal the secrets of Greece beauty and philosophy, after our deep knowledge of the area and its powerful pure energy resources.

The Oracle of nature will be a unique place of relaxation, treatment, spiritualism  and fulfilment

A wellness centre to conduct therapies, treatments and seminars and will be a destination for every individual who would love to combine nature and spirituality. 

A place that anyone can enjoy and trace back his origins, promoting the history and the culture of the area, as well as enhancing the thematic tourism of our country.

Let’s do it together and make it happen! 

By helping us achieve this goal and supporting our campaign, you will get back wonderful rewards for your contribution from our Agema innovative products. 

We invite you to Share our vision and support our campaign on Pitchstor in order to make it happen!

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